PyYYC, April 2019

Using Jupyter, with an intro to machine learning

Kai Lukowiak

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Saturday, June 2

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Python feature: f-strings

Prefix a string with f and you can refer to variables directly

x = 1
print(f'x is {x}') (1)


x is 1

Python 3.6+, see PEP 498


total = 12
count = 5
print(f'average is {total / count}')


average is 2.4


After the variable or expression, you can include a colon and a format string:

print(f'average is {total / count:.2f}') (1)

now = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
print(f'today is {now:%Y-%m-%d}') (2)
1prints average is 2.40, instead of 2.4
2prints today is 2019-04-24

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